Career Links for Soon-to-be Grads

It’s usually about this time of the year that seniors start panicking, er, I mean, thinking about their future after graduation.

I’ve come across a couple of good posts today for students figuring out where they want to go with their career (and how):

Forward 10: Ways to Effortlessly Network for Business and Pleasure
The new professionals at Forward offer some great tips for networking – a necessary part of not only the job search, but a public relations career.

Informational Interviews…Should you ask for one?
I’ve always encouraged students to set up informational interviews (sorry, Heather!). I really appreciate this perspective and think that it really adds more value to events that the University of Oregon School of Journalism sponsors like the Portland Paddle (structured informational interviews for advertising and PR students). And the portfolio reviews with professionals that I arrange at the end of the PR Campaigns class.

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