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Congratulations, Graduates!

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On Saturday, our seniors walked across the stage in MacArthur Court to receive their diplomas. Well deserved.

Many of “my” seniors are going on to some great position with agencies. Here are a few:

Heron Calisch-Dolen: Gooby, Silverstein & Partners
Andrea Nowack, Marisa Olson and Peter Lytle: Waggener Edstrom
Julie Ma: Koopman Ostbo
Nicole Wasowski: LEWIS PR, San Francisco
Devon Ashbridge: Verve Northwest Communications
Kristin Hunt: Chevalier Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
Maya Shaff: SZPR

I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting or haven’t heard about yet. If you’ve landed a job or internship, let me know!

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Students are Interested in Cocaine

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As part of their blogging assignment, students are required to respond to a prompt that I send. This week, I sent this post about the PR fallout around the “energy drink” called Cocaine.

Lindsay says that Cocaine has more problems than just its name.
Jessica chimes in and says she’d be embarrassed to be seen drinking it.
Finally, Chelsea suggests that any company inclined to name its product “cocaine” is not likely to bow out gracefully of any fight, despite the recommendations of PR Week.

What do you think?

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PR Students are Smart!


Walk of Fame Animated codes -

We’ve started our blogging project in Advanced PR Writing. The students are tasked with writing two posts per week – on based on a prompt from me and one of their choosing.

Here are some of the highlights from the first couple of weeks.

Megan talks about what she’s learning at her internship with a real estate software developer in Eugene. Sounds like she’s getting a good foundation in the basics of communication. You know, try as we might to “teach” this kind of thing, it’s really the on-the-job work that helps connect the dots between class and the real world. Kudos to Megan for taking the time to process what she’s learning and making these meaningful connections.

Jessica’s post about wanting more up-to-date news strikes me as interesting commentary on how the public’s demand for information has changed. I find myself expecting more and different news on a story, too. That’s really where Internet media comes in. While this particular story she talks about might not be covered “more” in blogs, it’s just the kind of thing that will be as the medium grows.

Shelley says pastors make the best presenters. I wholeheartedly agree! My dad was a senior pastor of a church for 20 years and he’s one of the best speakers I know. Shelley is doing an amazing job with this assignment. Check out her other posts, too.

Finally, Heron has a thoughtful post about the advertising agency environment. Heron gets “it.” She’s a big picture thinker and a good team leader. This is a great post that made me think. And one of the things I thought is that I’m clearly not even remotely “edgy” enough to even think about walking on the sidewalk in front of the “leading edge” boutiques. Wexley School for Girls?

Look forward to sharing more with you soon.

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A little linky love: student blogginess abounds

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My advanced PR writing students are blogging (watch out!). Part of the requirement is that they respond to a “prompt” post from me. I often send them via email, but thought I’d share some linky love here. - Create custom images

These may feel random and that’s intentional – I’m assuming one will strike a chord with every student and they’ll be able to respond with more than, “that was a really good/bad/stupid idea…”

Do You Have Digital Dirt?
Gartner Predicts 80% Active Internet Users Will Live In Virtual Worlds by 2011

Powerful without turning your stomach
Xtremely Annoying Advertising
Another Quality MySpace Ad

Embracing Trends: Barbie Lures Multimedia Shoppers with New Doll-Shaped MP3 Player, Interactive Play in Virtual Web World
What’s in a Name?

Communications 101: How to Communicate Better
DVR Enhanced Ratings are in

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