Strong example from Quiz 3


Q. What is the most important general news story this week? Write a title/headline and a one- to two-sentence summary of it. Include the source or sources where you got it.

Headline: Republican Wins Massachusetts Senate Seat.

Summary: Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown won the election for Ted Kennedy’s previous senate seat over Democrat Martha Coakley. It is an important victory for the Republican party as it removes the Democrat’s super majority.

Link: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/republican-scott-brown-defeats-democrat-martha-coakley-massachusetts/story?id=9602776

What works?

* Headline has a verb

* Headline isn’t copy/pasted from a news site

* Individuals are explained. Writer doesn’t just write, “Ted Kennedy,” but provides a descriptive clause.

* Summary includes who, what, when, where, why important. (And how, though that’s pretty evident.)

* Full URL (source) is included

* Writer doesn’t refer to self. “I think this is a great story because…” or “This story really intrigued me because I’m a Democrat and this makes me mad.”

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