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Head, subhead — huh?

My response to a student who Googled “head” and “subhead” — A “head” is short for headline or header, which is made up of three to six or so words with a subject and verb — usually the big type above a newspaper article. It can also be the title of a journal piece. The subhead is short for subheadline, which goes beneath the headline and is in smaller type and uses...

Do I need new sources?

From Professor Blaine: “There has been a common question about whether students can use the same interviews for G1 and G2. I encourage students to use subjects from G2 interviews for G1 assignments. Ultimately we want them do develop integrated multimedia packages and those connections are...

Strong example from Quiz 3

Q. What is the most important general news story this week? Write a title/headline and a one- to two-sentence summary of it. Include the source or sources where you got it. Headline: Republican Wins Massachusetts Senate Seat. Summary: Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown won the election for Ted Kennedy’s previous senate seat over Democrat Martha Coakley. It is an important victory for the Republican...

One story, two sources

Hi everyone, Some of you asked me whether the two sources requirement for Assignment 1 is an important component of it. What if you would like to tell the story of a single person as narrated by that individual (i.e. have only one source)? It is an important part of this assignment to tell a story drawing from your interviews with two sources. The idea is to sift through different perspectives of the same...

Blowing Up a Source

Who is a source… and why? We explored this in class on Wednesday using the Kevin Everett story as an example. As you read or watch each article think about what role each source plays in telling the story. ESPN coverage the injury (YouTube) Much Hype in Player’s Treatment (NYT) – January 15, 2008 Choose One for Class Discussion: Doctors on the Scene Acted Quickly to Treat Everett with...
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