New Year’s Resolution #2: Get Moving

This is the fourth in my countdown to my number 1 New Year’s resolution. You can see number five herenumber four here and number three right here.

Just about every New Year’s resolutions list includes exercise among the top ten. You can add my voice to the choir. Exercise seems like it belongs a personal improvement list, though, not a professional list. But here’s why I’m including it:

Exercise Boosts Brain Power

In the book Brain Rules, the first rule for making your brain work better is to get moving. Regularly. Like more than once during the day. Sit on a stability ball, get a standing desk, take a walk around the block. Just move. It helps you think, helps you retain information, spurs creativity – all sorts of good things, right?

You can read more about Brain Rule #1 here. 

Let’s deskerciseOr just join the Ministry of Silly Walks. I think that looks like it probably burns a good number of calories and gets your blood flowing to your brain!

Exercise is always the first to come off my schedule when my calendar is full. But in all seriousness, I can sense a huge difference in my mood, my energy level and my focus when I’m sitting too much. For my sanity, I need to make time to move.

How about you? Do you have trouble fitting in exercise when your schedule gets busy?

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