Potential Client Googled Me

It finally happened… in a new client meet and greet the executive director of a local nonprofit came to the meeting having done a Google search on me.

Not the first time people have done this. I Google myself on a fairly regular basis to make sure some random weirdness hasn’t shown up in the online universe. A sales rep I work with at the very cool University Readers Googled me and brought up this piece of evidence to my past. Fortunately, something I’m pretty proud of.

However, it was in this meeting that the advice and the “warnings” to my students that you’d be Googled prior to a job interview came to pass. And it was a good thing. I blog, I have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, I’ve been mentioned in others blogs… I also have a 2000 resume that floats to the top 10 results that I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of. But it’s not inaccurate. In fact, it’s kind of fun to look back at how I positioned myself in my resume my senior year as an undergraduate.

So I was pleased that this client had taken the time to do his research. A Google search on me does a nice job of painting a picture of me as a professional and academic. Although this is not me.

I do have a MySpace page and I have much less formal baby blog for my son – so it’s not all PR strategy, client service and professional history information that’s out there. You can find the post I did about the Scrubs “musical” episode and cutesy videos of my baby grooving to George Michael’s “Too Funky,” but that’s ok. It’s not embarrassing and if someone spends that much time figuring out who I am, those goofy posts certainly give a glimpse into my personality.

If you’re having trouble with your online identity, take some time to clean up the stuff that worries you. It’s hard, but worth the time and effort. This Wall Street Journal article is a great overview.

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