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Data Basin

Data Basin is an online system that connects users with spatial datasets, tools, and a network of scientists and practitioners.

You can explore and download a vast library of datasets, connect to external data sources, upload and publish your own datasets, connect to experts, create working groups, and produce customized maps that can be easily shared.

While many of Data Basin’s audience is actively using the tool, members are not sharing out information accept through private groups (Which act as a type of firewall). The organization has installed many ways to share data and information via email and social media but because of the proprietary nature of science work, many of the community members are not using them.

Visibility is the greatest challenge to making Data Basin an easily accessible tool to both the public and science community. It needs to be found. The greatest value today is in word of mouth, which begins through sharing of information. I propose that the student through demographic studies, surveys, and research ways we can implement engage with users to initiate conversation and foster sharing from all users of Data Basin.

Apply if you are interested in: nonprofit organization, science-related topics, social media and online community management, reaching a natural, defined community who may be initially resistant to sharing info.

Soft Star Shoes

Soft Star believes in healthy, happy feet. That’s why we’ve been making quality footwear for over 25 years. We use all natural, high quality materials in every handcrafted pair of children’s shoes and moccasins. The soft and flexible soles we use on all of our shoes and moccasins mimic barefoot conditions so that your feet will be strong and athletic.

Soft Star is launching a running shoe in April & needs public relations support.

Apply if you’re interested in: corporation with eco-friendly focus, small business, media relations, blogger relations

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Lane County

Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA, provides a powerful voice for abused and neglected children. Today, nearly 1,000 children live in foster care in Lane County. In an overburdened system, these children risk slipping through the cracks and suffering from further abuse. CASA volunteers have the power to prevent this tragic reality. These dedicated, highly-trained community members serve as fact finders for the judge by researching the background of each assigned case. They speak for the child in the courtroom, representing the child’s best interests, and continue to act as a watchdog for the child until that child is in a safe, permanent home.

CASA needs a team to undertake analysis of secondary research and develop a strategic communication plan to help it reach its organizational goals. This is the most “strategic” and conceptual of the three clients.

Apply if you’re interested in: nonprofit organizations, strategic planning for communication

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