The Capstone Course for Public Relations Majors at the SOJC

Student Tips

How do you prepare to show more than four years of class, internship and professional work? We’ve collected a few resources for you.

  • SOJC Alum Staci Stringer shared this advice after her portfolio review in Spring 08.
  • Kelli Matthews authored an excellent overview for students, including materials to use, what to include, and what to wear. Check Course Documents on your Blackboard site for J4-554.
  • Danielle Galluzzo, PR graduate at the SOJC put together this post on her blog. She found some great resources to share.
  • PR professional Marilyn Hawkins shares these tips with you.
  • Need to buy something to put your work in? The bookstore, Office Depot or Oregon Art Supply will have binders for you. See this page for advice on what it should look like.
  • Two other PR students contributed tips here and here to the class blog.
  • More tips, you say? Tiffany Derville Gallicano has a bunch of stuff tagged on Delicious.
  • Check out the video (below) for some tips from a recent graduate.

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