Keeping Up With Social Media

By Erin Flaherty


In three short months I will be leaving the University of Oregon with my degree in journalism. As we all know the state of the economy and the state of journalism is not ideal for my entrance into the job market. As I contemplate what career path I want to take in the ever-changing journalism world I know that Ali Manzano’s, a guest speaker in Strategic Social Media, words of wisdom will stick with me. Ali urged us to ditch the idea of thinking of journalists as in the newspaper business and instead have the mindset that we are in the business of information.

Embracing the change of the industry can be frustrating, infuriating and inspiring. What is certain is that information will always be a desired commodity and technology is changing how we access that information and utilize it in our daily lives. When you are a social media manager, such as the position Ali holds for The Oregonian, it is your job to understand all the available social media platforms and use them effectively for your brand. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to have to master and manage yet another new platform, if you want your brand to thrive and stay relevant it is essential to provide information in any manner that you can.

Ali offered the advice to be willing to abandon your social media strategy when it is time for a change no matter how in love you are with it and how hard you worked on it. Every month a new social media platform emerges as the next big thing and some take off while some begin to fade as quick as they appeared.

All the feelings of uncertainty I have about graduating are equally met with the comfort that as a new journalist I am on a equal playing field with the old pros when it comes to the introduction of new social media channels. There is opportunity for everyone to figure out the best ways to use these channels. The information is out there and ready to be shared. People have increasing access to information and it is up to journalists to accept innovation as part of the job and be energized about all the potential that exists in the industry.

9 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Social Media

  1. Nicholas Stevens

    I agree with Ali that it can be hard for people to abandon a social media strategy and try out new ideas. A lot of people do not adapt well to change. Sometimes that change though is crucial for success. New social media and platform emerged and die out. You have to be ready for new channels and learn accept new innovation.

  2. I felt like you touched on some relevant points to my life as well. I to am also graduating and feeling a bit overwhelmed. If you think of yourself as in the business of information, then a lot can come from that. While graduating and finding a job may not come easy for you or for me or for anyone, you can develop a social media strategy to promote yourself. I have learned a lot from the Journalism school, and I am only a comm studies minor. You have many alumni resources and a better understanding of social media and networking than most people. Of course, once you write your own self promotion social media plan, you must be willing to introduce new techniques and channels into your repertoire.

  3. l share the feelings of uncertainty, as well as comfort about graduating in June in this field. Accepting change and innovation is crucial in the journalism world and we have to embrace that in order to succeed. Ali shared a lot of great insight on this, so thank you for recapping it!

  4. Christopher "Max" Seeley

    It is scary to think about how much the flow of information has changed even since I started attending this University in 2008. Instead of being spoon fed information, we all are given the resources to go find it ourselves. Ultimately, the world of journalism is completely different than it use to be based on the amount of people that have access to information. More than ever, “journalists” must provide their respective readers or followers with cutting edge, up-to-date information they are not capable of getting to themselves. Ali’s guest lecture really gave us an insight on how the job market in the journalism industry is changing and she gave good advice on how to try and rethink about the duties of journalists. Good luck on with your job search, I’ll be out there looking as well…

  5. I echo your feelings of anxiety about the changing journalistic job market.
    I think the best thing we can do is to stay on top of these new communication trends. Social media is definitely one of the most prominent ‘new’ ways to communicate, and it will continue to change. If we can keep up with these new developments, how people use social media as well as how to properly harness new tools for your company/client, we’ll be one step ahead of those people who resist change. And believe me, that will make us desirable employees!

  6. i think you covered a lot of important things relating to entering the industry and ways that the industry is changing. One think that i really enjoyed from Ali’s presentation was “How” she got her job. I think that the process of getting the job that you want is interesting and requires making sacrifices. Ali had to basically work in the mail room at the Oregonian. In the future i think it is important to know that companies prefer to hire from within, therefor it is important to do anything you can to get that foot in the door with a firm and then work towards getting the position that is desired.

  7. I’m glad you were honest with your post on being nervous about graduating and entering the work force. It was good that you are reminding us of the positives in a grim economy. All the guest speakers in this class were influential and it is great that you remind us of Ali’s talk in particular.

  8. I think that Ali was my favorite guest speaker this term. I may not be going into the social media field but the anxiety and pressure to get a job upon graduation is definitely present. I liked that she opened by telling us that she got her degree in broadcast journalism but quickly decided that she didn’t like it at all. As students we study things that interest us but that doesn’t necessarily mean that that interest will translate into the real world. She took this change in plans to create a career for herself, and she seems to be doing amazingly well. Her answers about the resistance that she feels from her coworkers who are rooted in traditional media were really interesting. She made social media relevant and exciting.

  9. Thought this was great. “Embracing the change of the industry can be frustrating, infuriating and inspiring.”

    Everything is changing faster than most people realize. All businesses are floating on a current and today that current is roaring. Look around, the companies that enjoy embracing change, and in general today’s environment are the most successful and have the most positively received brands. We shouldn’t just embrace change, we have to.

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