The Strategy of Planning and Measurement

Katy Pflaum @katypflaum

Sam Schwab @StLouisSams

Nicholas Stevens @nickjstevens

During class Monday, Feb. 29, we discussed social media planning and measurement. There are five essential steps in this planning process that begins with listening, talking, energizing, supporting and embracing.

The strategy energizing is the idea of capitalizing on your accidental spokesperson. How can you do this? What are ways to develop, create and support citizen marketers?

The California Academy of Sciences did a great job with their Nightlife by creating the Insiders program, which was a way to engage and leverage members of their audience who were already active in social media. Six Insiders were chosen for three months to attend NightLife events and after to blog, tweet, post to Facebook and generally talk about the event on their social networks and channels.  Energizing brand ambassadors is a good way to spread your message forward.

The strategy of supporting your consumers works best if customer support is a high need for products and services. The next step of embracing is allowing your customers to be a part of the product. This is typically seen with new products. A few examples of this we talked about in class were embracing customers ideas and Dunkin Donut’s next donut contest.

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