John Wagner of On Message posts today about how NOT to look for a job. His experience is just an example of the lack of common courtesy that is all too common.

Another example – last week, the managers of the student-run PR agency at the Univ. of Oregon conducted interviews and “hired” for Spring term (students don’t get paid, but all are treated as agency employees and the students can get credit).

After doing nearly 20 interviews, the 8 hires were called and congratulated and those who weren’t hired were also called. One student who was not hired proceeded to question the manager on her decision. The manager told that her best advice would be for the student to work on her professionalism – being sure to dress appropriately for an interview and coming to the interview prepared.

Rather than saying, “thank you. I will work on that and when I apply again in the fall, hopefully I’ll be a better candidate,” she said, “well, why did I have to dress up if you weren’t dressed up?!” Hmmm… what seems to be lacking. Oh! I know! Common courtesy (and that “professionalism” the manager mentioned).

And now, this student has damaged – one might even say destroyed – her chances of being hired in the future.

Use common courtesy! You’re not entitled to networking opportunities, being hired at a student agency (or any job) just because you’re wonderful, fabulous you. PR is a small world and word travels fast.

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