Gold Medal Linky Loves for Week 6

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are in full swing. I must admit that I haven’t been watching much, just keeping up on the periphery. However, this week’s linky love best of posts seem to have naturally gravitated toward sport this week on their own with the Olympics, college football signing day and a high-profile NFL potential draftee “coming out.” Even if the topic is sports, the ideas are bigger.
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Somewhat Snowy Linky Love

We had a little mini snow day here in Eugene today. It’s 1 pm and all the snow is melted, which makes those of us who cancelled class feel a little silly. But I’m enjoying the day, nonetheless.

Some good stuff this week for you to enjoy reading today, too!

You can learn more info about these “linky loves” and the background on the students’ assignment here.

Stay warm!

Traveling Linky Love

I’m just wrapping up a weekend in Seattle where I was a keynote at the Pacific Northwest President Elect Training Seminar, so I’m a bit late on my weekly best-of. In fact, I can tell that I’ll be running to catch up with myself this week… so here we go!

You can learn more info about these “linky loves” and the background on the students’ assignment here.


Grin & Bare It Linky Love

Wow! I actually had to stop looking at my feedreader. Way too much good stuff to share this week. Enjoy!

What skills (tangible or conceptual) do public relations students need as they graduate from college?

I asked this question on Quora, the newest shiny object that social media peeps are paying attention to. Check out the great responses I got back. And share your thoughts!

Please, Facebook: Help shameless recruitniks help themselves by Andy Staples at Sports Illustrated.

A tongue-in-cheek open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, asking for a Facebook shut down to save all those football recruits from themselves. An interesting look at college football and social media.

The History of Social Media from Mashable

I love infographics. This one is a timeline, going back to the first email that was sent. An interesting response post could be just to share your thoughts about how these tools have changed your life (if they have) and your place in this history.

10 Ways to Whip 20-Something Employees into Professional Shape

If you haven’t figured this out yet, there are lot of stereotypes (many rooted in truth, as stereotypes tend to be) about millennials (those under age 26 or 27). PR faculty here (including me) have some done some research on Millennials and I can tell you that this article has some great advice based on what I know. But what you do think?

Social Media to the Rescue: Getting Your Brand Back on Track When Crisis Strikes by Amber Naslund and Jay Baer

I gotta say, I’ve been impressed with the excerpts I’ve seen from this book. This one shares eight tips for dealing with crisis online. Based on my own experience, I’d agree that these are useful tips – simple, but not simplistic.

Seven Ways to Gain PR Campaign Momentum

Even if you’ve got the best idea in the world, you have to have client buy in and team motivation, this article has some tips for both.

The Four Keys to Tweet Success from Mark Schaefer

Four solid tips. Whether you write about this post or not for your weekly post, you should read it.

Can You Pass the Social Media Relations Quiz? from Kevin Dugan at Bad Pitch Blog

Too often building media lists is done half-assed. Trust me, I get crappy pitches pretty regularly. This is a great checklist for thinking about before you make the pitch.

Should I Care About Quora? from Marketing Profs

I might be a little obsessed with Quora at the moment (see first link). Here’s some reasons why it might be worth paying attention to.

(Headline story: spent two days this week at the dentist with my 4 year old. Good times.)

Last Linky Love of the Spring

Spring term is wrapping up! This is my last “best of” post for the term. Hopefully with summer approaching I can find some time to blog more! We’ll see.

7 Questions Bloggers Should Ask Themselves Before Pushing Publish (Social Media Today): A nice checklist and good reminders to be thorough,even if you’re trying to be quick.

The BPGlobalPR Twitter account has been getting a lot of attention for its skewering of the oil giant and its PR team. Is ignoring the right thing to do?

In 10 Rules for Consistent Execution, Amber Naslund offers her guidelines for how she does it all. Some great tips for managing your time.

A millennial’s view on the GenY question that’s come up a few times in the last few weeks. Lauren Fernandez shares her thoughts in Age Isn’t an Indicator of Executing Awesome.

Graduate’s Guide to Prepping for a PR Career has five tips for ensuring that you’re ready for the real world. Great advice.

10,000 Words offers three underrated but essential skills for journalists.

Tick Tock, Term’s Almost Over Linky Love

This is the next-to-the-last linky love of the term. It really has been a fun term, but let’s just say senior-itis isn’t just for seniors… Counting down!

That said, apparently there are other people who still have working brains and have created some food for your thoughts, too.

I’m more and more fascinated with the Facebook privacy brou-haha and several great posts last week illuminated the discussion for me (for purposes of your linky love post, dear J452 students, you can take all these together or look at them individually). darah boyd had a terrific post about radical transparency and informed choice. Jeff Jarvis also talked about *the* public vs *a* public when it comes to the way people participate in Facebook and other outlets.

Campbell Brown (who I love) is leaving CNN. That’s not terribly newsworthy, but the statement she issued was really terrific. What’s your reaction to her statement? What can we learn as communicators?

Do you have a “20% project”? What fuels your creativity, keeps you motivated, sparks your passion? BBD talks about what their team members do… what do you do?

Some nitty gritty, down and dirty advice from the Bad Pitch Blog about alternates to a press release. Great ideas!

A little bigger picture, but important nonetheless… Augie Ray at Forrester gives us a list of seven things your company must do because of social media.

From Mashable, a list of the most social companies. In a shiny whiz bang cool infographic!

Crawling to the Finish Line Linky Love

I am week 10 tired on a week 7 Thursday. Not a good sign.

However, it turns out not everyone feels that way, so I was able to find some great content to share with you this week. For students, you’re going to pick one to respond to on your own blog and for my regular visitors, these are definitely worth a read. Enjoy!

“It’s OK to be imperfect”: One School’s Quest for Social Media Success: Oregon State is doing some great stuff with social media. This article talks about the ups and downs, ins and outs and lessons learned along the way.

Five Steps to Social Currency: This post from one of the students in my Strategic Social Media class discusses a recent report that focused on the “social currency” of brands. Interesting concept and really interesting data.

PR Customer Service Merger Accelerating: This process is fascinating to me (mostly because I’m watching my career come full circle from doing customer service before I went back to college). And Todd’s list looks a lot like my to do list in a given day.

Get Real About Media Relations: Pitching media is not my favorite part of my job, but I recognize the importance of the process and of doing it right. This is a nice reminder from Kevin at Bad Pitch Blog about just that.

Facebook Facts You May Not Have Known: I love infographics. Love them. This is a good one and I learned some stuff.

Helping Others (Well, Students) For HAPPO: If you haven’t caught onto some of what’s possible with the interwebz, this is a great example. Jeremy Pepper lays it down in his blog and highlights a handful of students, including our own Marcella Lentini in this post.

7 Ways a College Student Can Start Becoming a Professional Now: Great tips! I found this post by David Spinks thanks to Karen Russell. Looks like a great resource for young professionals.

Spring Sun Linky Love

Oh it’s sunny today. Hallelujah! There’s always good stuff to share with you from the week, so let’s get to it!

When History is Compiled 140 Characters at a Time (NYTimes) – I think this is fascinating! Not to bias you or anything… 🙂

What is Value? Depends on Who You Ask (PerkettPRsuasion) – Determining what employers, clients or just different managers value is important. How do you do it? and how do you keep them all straight?

Jobs Watch: The Intern Hiring Index (OregonBusiness) – Does number of interns hired indicate economic recovery?

Tracking Success with Social Networking (java social networking) – How do you know if your time is being used effectively? This is a biz perspective, but you can glean some takeaways for your own social media use, too.

BP: From Natural Disaster to PR Disaster (PR Squared) – The tragedy that is the gulf coast oil spill is only worsened by BPs communication. Seriously, shouldn’t it know better?

Finding Time to Write (Freelance Switch) – What is “writing,” anyway?

Blog Photography Resources (Social Media Explorer) – What fortuitous timing! We were just talking about this…

The 5 New Features on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn PR Pros Need to Understand (Social Media Today) – New stuff! Why does it matter? Good overview here.

Linky Love with Aloha!

Great stuff this week! Despite my brief visit to the island of Maui last weekend (thus the headline), I was able to keep up with the hot topics floating around the interwebz, so here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Five Common (Personal) Blogging Problems and How to Fix Them (Mack Collier): Mack is one smart dude and these tips are awesome. As my students get launched on their blogging adventure, I know a few of these will come in handy right away. Even if you’re a veteran of the blogosphere, Mack’s tips will refresh your memory about best practices.

Students Denied Social Media Go Through Withdrawl (Chronicle of Higher Ed): This doesn’t particularly surprise me and it has nothing to do with my personal social media addiction, I swear…. where’s my iPhone?

8 Ways to Manage Up for Social Media Success (Amber Naslund): Amber appears frequently on linky love because she has such great stuff. If you not, yet, please subscribe to her blog! This post has “social media” in the headline, but really applies more broadly.

Dear Millennials, Your Parents Lied to You (Bill Sledzik) and Open Letter to Millennials (PR Industry Edition) (Todd Defren): Oh, millennials… you cause such angst for us non-millennials. Both these posts are outstanding. They don’t lean on stereotypes or myths but are from the experience of two veterans of this industry.

14 Business Books to Read When Stranded Somewhere (Paul Williams, Marketing Profs): I didn’t read a single on of these on my vacation, but each either was already on my list, or is now. What do you think? Any you would add?

Top 100 Social Media and Internet Marketing Bloggers (Cision): This isn’t so much for response, but a chance to check out another “top” list for ideas of who to follow and subscribe to.

How to Get Free When You’re Feeling Stuck and Scared (Julie Roads, Copyblogger): Love this post! It’s so true. And as you, my little ducklings, are headed off into the wide, wide world, you’ll be a little scared. Even as you’re thinking about writing a blog post for the wide, wide world to see, you’re a little scared. Julie’s advice is terrific and she’s an amazing writer. Follow her, subscribe to her!

Freshly Scrubbed Linky Love

After a three term hiatus, I’m again teaching the advanced writing class – now call Strategic PR Communication. As part of that class, I publish a list of my favorite posts from the week for students to choose from and respond to on their own blogs. While the list is specifically for the class, I hope that other visitors will enjoy, too.

Why Should I Work for You, Dude? (Council of PR Firms): In a tight job market, it’s important to hire good talented. How do you as soon-to-be grads look at your opportunities and how can organizations retain you for the long term. Interesting article on a really interesting topic (and one I study, for what it’s worth).

The Community Manager Role Unplugged (Buzz Canuck): Our class is doing a little community management this term with PROpenMic during the first week of May, so I found this post interesting. It’s also a  good look at best practices for this increasing important role in organizations.

Is Social Media a Requirement for PR Pros? (Social Media Today): Interesting debate by two smart people about whether social media is a requirement for our profession. Complement the Social Media Today post with one on PROpenMic by a student not pleased with having to learn social media and well, we have ourselves a little trend. What do you think?

Build a Stronger Network (Journalistics): Building your network can feel intimidating – and do so in public settings can be uncomfortable. But, it’s important. These tips are great and worth considering before you head out to Portland Paddle or a mixer/event.

13 Ways Your Resume Can Say “I’m Unprofessional” (The Ladders): It makes me a little sad that a site like The Ladders (which posts positions that have $100K+ salaries) would have to post such a list. Shouldn’t their audience know better? I’m guessing not… Great advice.

Journalistic Sodbusting (Occam’s Razr): This is a fascinating look at astroturfing. Not sure what astroturfing is, take a look at this case and see what you think.

9 Ways to Breathe Life Into Your Blog (Altitude Branding): You’re just getting started with your blog, but Amber (as always) has some terrific tips that are relevant for newbies as well as those of us who have been around a while… and should be blogging more. What can you take away from Amber’s advice?

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