Take a Deep Breath. Time to Renew & Recharge.

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In late September when classes get underway at the University of Oregon, the academic year is full of promise. The possibilities of each course, and each student, seems limitless. I’m organized, focused and excited to try to new things, share new ideas and train the best PR PRos in the business. By the middle of June, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. A 9-month-long bus.

Rather than bounding into each week’s classes, what I feel is closer to “clawing.” I don’t love my students any less (well, most of them…), but the weight of the entire year can feel pretty heavy by week 10 of Spring Term.

In academia, the breaks are clear. In June, I am gazing lovingly into the beautiful stream of four months of summer break. Glorious, glorious summer break. But whether you’re in academia or the “real world,” I’ve learned it’s important to take time to renew and recharge. It’s important to take time to breathe, reflect and look forward.

Some tips of my own and a few mixed in with some from the experts at stuff like this:

  • Take some time to brain dump. For me this means writing. Just writing and writing and writing. Get it all out of your noggin and onto paper. I write notes about what I want to change in my routine, what I learned about the classes that I taught, etc.
  • Exercise. Run, do Pilates or try Yoga. I’m a Pilates fan. It’s amazing for helping to clear my mind and put my spine back on straight.
  • Envision the next year. For me, the year is September – June… maybe you’re on a calendar year. Regardless, take some time to plan your year, envision what you want to accomplish. I found this great post about giving yourself an annual review. I think I might try this sometime this summer. I’m also creating a “vision board” (with a little nudge from my biz coach). Have no fear, you’ll hear all about that process, too.
  • Find your own way. You’ll find plenty of ways to organize mental clutter. This post has tons of tips for getting your noggin organized.

How do you best use a transition to prepare for the next “thing” in your life?

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