Tick Tock, Term’s Almost Over Linky Love

This is the next-to-the-last linky love of the term. It really has been a fun term, butĀ let’s just say senior-itis isn’t just for seniors… Counting down!

That said, apparently there are other people who still have working brains and have created some food for your thoughts, too.

I’m more and more fascinated with the Facebook privacy brou-haha and severalĀ great posts last week illuminated the discussion for me (for purposes of your linky love post, dear J452 students, you can take all these together or look at them individually). darah boyd had a terrific post about radical transparency and informed choice. Jeff Jarvis also talked about *the* public vs *a* public when it comes to the way people participate in Facebook and other outlets.

Campbell Brown (who I love) is leaving CNN. That’s not terribly newsworthy, but the statement she issued was really terrific. What’s your reaction to her statement? What can we learn as communicators?

Do you have a “20% project”? What fuels your creativity, keeps you motivated, sparks your passion? BBD talks about what their team members do… what do you do?

Some nitty gritty, down and dirty advice from the Bad Pitch Blog about alternates to a press release. Great ideas!

A little bigger picture, but important nonetheless… Augie Ray at Forrester gives us a list of seven things your company must do because of social media.

From Mashable, a list of the most social companies. In a shiny whiz bang cool infographic!

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