Grin & Bare It Linky Love

Wow! I actually had to stop looking at my feedreader. Way too much good stuff to share this week. Enjoy!

What skills (tangible or conceptual) do public relations students need as they graduate from college?

I asked this question on Quora, the newest shiny object that social media peeps are paying attention to. Check out the great responses I got back. And share your thoughts!

Please, Facebook: Help shameless recruitniks help themselves by Andy Staples at Sports Illustrated.

A tongue-in-cheek open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, asking for a Facebook shut down to save all those football recruits from themselves. An interesting look at college football and social media.

The History of Social Media from Mashable

I love infographics. This one is a timeline, going back to the first email that was sent. An interesting response post could be just to share your thoughts about how these tools have changed your life (if they have) and your place in this history.

10 Ways to Whip 20-Something Employees into Professional Shape

If you haven’t figured this out yet, there are lot of stereotypes (many rooted in truth, as stereotypes tend to be) about millennials (those under age 26 or 27). PR faculty here (including me) have some done some research on Millennials and I can tell you that this article has some great advice based on what I know. But what you do think?

Social Media to the Rescue: Getting Your Brand Back on Track When Crisis Strikes by Amber Naslund and Jay Baer

I gotta say, I’ve been impressed with the excerpts I’ve seen from this book. This one shares eight tips for dealing with crisis online. Based on my own experience, I’d agree that these are useful tips – simple, but not simplistic.

Seven Ways to Gain PR Campaign Momentum

Even if you’ve got the best idea in the world, you have to have client buy in and team motivation, this article has some tips for both.

The Four Keys to Tweet Success from Mark Schaefer

Four solid tips. Whether you write about this post or not for your weekly post, you should read it.

Can You Pass the Social Media Relations Quiz? from Kevin Dugan at Bad Pitch Blog

Too often building media lists is done half-assed. Trust me, I get crappy pitches pretty regularly. This is a great checklist for thinking about before you make the pitch.

Should I Care About Quora? from Marketing Profs

I might be a little obsessed with Quora at the moment (see first link). Here’s some reasons why it might be worth paying attention to.

(Headline story: spent two days this week at the dentist with my 4 year old. Good times.)

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