Crawling to the Finish Line Linky Love

I am week 10 tired on a week 7 Thursday. Not a good sign.

However, it turns out not everyone feels that way, so I was able to find some great content to share with you this week. For students, you’re going to pick one to respond to on your own blog and for my regular visitors, these are definitely worth a read. Enjoy!

“It’s OK to be imperfect”: One School’s Quest for Social Media Success: Oregon State is doing some great stuff with social media. This article talks about the ups and downs, ins and outs and lessons learned along the way.

Five Steps to Social Currency: This post from one of the students in my Strategic Social Media class discusses a recent report that focused on the “social currency” of brands. Interesting concept and really interesting data.

PR Customer Service Merger Accelerating: This process is fascinating to me (mostly because I’m watching my career come full circle from doing customer service before I went back to college). And Todd’s list looks a lot like my to do list in a given day.

Get Real About Media Relations: Pitching media is not my favorite part of my job, but I recognize the importance of the process and of doing it right. This is a nice reminder from Kevin at Bad Pitch Blog about just that.

Facebook Facts You May Not Have Known: I love infographics. Love them. This is a good one and I learned some stuff.

Helping Others (Well, Students) For HAPPO: If you haven’t caught onto some of what’s possible with the interwebz, this is a great example. Jeremy Pepper lays it down in his blog and highlights a handful of students, including our own Marcella Lentini in this post.

7 Ways a College Student Can Start Becoming a Professional Now: Great tips! I found this post by David Spinks thanks to Karen Russell. Looks like a great resource for young professionals.

Creating Compelling Blog Posts: A Checklist

Creating a blog post is really more than just writing good content. The following checklist can help you ensure that your post is readable, findable and shareable.

  • Do you have a compelling headline? There’s some dos and don’ts.
  • Does your post have good structure & provide useful information? Plenty of folks have written posts on how to write posts. Take a look around.
  • Does your post invite feedback or ideas?
  • Did you provide at least one in-text hyperlink? Don’t include links as text, hyperlink them using the “link” button.
  • Did you include an image? (or other multimedia) 
 Some blog templates require an image, but even if it’s not required, an image helps to make your post more visually attractive. 
Try, or flickr (creative commons licensed) for images. Or check out some of these sites for free or cheap images.
  • Did you assign a category or categories? Categories help to organize your content. When your blog has a lot of posts, categories can help you visitor find what he or she is looking for.
  • Did you include tags based on keywords in the post?

What did I forget? What’s on your checklist?

Are You Listening?

Participating in the blogosphere and social media requires that you have an ear to the ground. But where do you start?

Active listening is the first step to establishing a blogging or social media strategy (or any communication strategy for that matter…). As you think about blogging for a class or for a client or for your company, start with the basics.

Some resources:
Ogilvy Blog Feeds: A collection of some of the most influential blog feeds out there, from one of the most influential agencies.

Constantin Basturea: Blogger & PR Guru with Converseon has a variety of PR-related social media projects. My favorites: PR Blogs (a massive 600+ feed list of the PR blogs being published), The New PR Wiki (a collective knowledge base and collaboration tool) and his Google Co-Op project (a Google search that searches PR-related blogs, sites and wikis).

When you find a great blog like Communication Overtones or Spare Change, spend some time checking out the blogs on the author’s blogroll.

Of course, if you’re looking for something industry specific, give Technorati a go, too.

What resources did you find useful as you began blogging?

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