Taking Flight: “Best Of” Student Blog Posts from Winter 2014

My Strategic PR Writing students blogged twice a week for seven weeks this term. It’s a feat to get all those posts done! I picked a “best of” from each blog to share with you. You can learn more about the background on the students’ assignment here.

Congrats to all 16 of my students on their blogs! In no particular order… here are this term’s best ofs:

Is it fair to blame the intern? Adam Jacobs looks at a pretty common issue in crisis communications in his post Blaming the Intern

Sean Sexton critiques surfing association’s use of SnapChat. Are they Riding the Snapchat Wave

Joe Offenhauser looks at RTM through Arby’s and Pharell in Real-Time Marketing, the GRAMMYs and Pharell’s hat.

Hannah Holden shares her inspiration for wanting to work with The American Cancer Society in With So Much Heart… Mitchell Louie

Interesting look at the PR behind the Guacapolypse from Kelly Miller in her post Chipotle’s “Guacpocalypse” Exemplifies Traditional PR PracticesKelly’s post on apologies is also worth a read! 

Karinda Farley shares why she thinks Teachers Need PR.

Raleigh Cavey looks at the JCPenney Super Bowl twitter stunt and asks Who knrw typos ciuld actuallt work?

Kelsey Bradshaw proves that lattes make everything better (and clearer), even personal branding in Whipped Cream and Personal Branding: A Conversation.

Olivia Gust shares her experience w/ power posing before a big presentation (and it worked!) in Body Language: Communicating with Your Audience and Yourself

Mary-Kate Fotch writes on the horrid Target photoshopping (also, when did a thigh gap become desirable?) in Target Missed Their Mark with This One

Dave Flowers reacts to the photos of decrepit Sarajevo Olympic structures in Photos and History.

Hayley Norman talks about Obama and Galifinakis interview & why she thinks it was brilliant in Reinventing the News

CJ Huntzinger feels strongly about ghost-anything-ing and shares his rationale in Ghostwriting in the Blogosphere

Colors are important! Shiela Peralta talks about choosing colors for a brochure project in The Search for the Perfect Color.

Meredith Morrell talks about apologies and shares a great connection to her work with kids in Sorry Not Sorry? Then Don’t Apologize.

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