Waggener Edstrom Staffing Launches Facebook Page

Amybeth Hale (aka Research Goddess) announced this week the launch of the Waggener Edstrom Staffing Facebook page. From Amybeth:

I am happy to announce that the Waggener Edstrom Staffing Facebook page, Careers with Waggener Edstrom, is live! If you are a Facebook member, I would encourage you to add this page to your Favorites, become a Fan, and/or share the link with your Facebook PR contacts – check it out!

Some of the items featured on the page include:

  • A photo album introducing the members of the Staffing Team
  • A listing of upcoming events at which various staffing team members will be in attendance (viewable once you log in)
  • Our WE Connect blog RSS feed, showcasing several of our Waggener Edstrom bloggers
  • Notes listing some of our current agency openings
  • A list of our agency awards
  • Several quotes from our candidates complimenting our Staffing team
  • …and more to come.

We have lots of duckies at WaggEd in the Northwest. Check out this Facebook page and get in the know.

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  • Jaz Cummins

    Smart moves. More and more hires by FB/Twitter these days! We all started gtting followed in the UK by @edelmanhr this week