Watch Out For Sneaky Spammers

I’ve noticed a new tactic with spammers lately… they are awfully complimentary of your content, your blog and your writing style. Flattery is hard to resist, I know. So here are some tips for keeping the spam out of your comments section.

  • If the comment seems to be over thesaurus-ized – common words turned into $5 words that aren’t quite used right – you’re probably looking at spam.
  • If the comment could be related to any blog, any post, anytime? It could be spam.
  • If the commenter asks about your fabulous layout and how you did it – yup, spam. (I fell for this one, hard!)

If you’re not sure, check the possible inputs on the comment form for consistency and legitimacy. Individually, they might not raise any red flags, but combined can tip you off:

  • Name: By itself this might not be a problem one way or another, unless it’s clearly not a name.
  • Email: Look for an email that lines up with the name entered and with the URL
  • URL: This is the big giveaway, usually. The point of spam is to get linkbacks to the spam site in question through comments. So check the URL, visit it to make sure it’s a real site.

Elli here has some pretty obvious problems. Her name is ok, but her URL is a dead giveaway. Line that up with her email address that has nothing to do with either thing and we’ve got a spammer. Click “spam” on the comment and move on.

Look for ways to get real people engaged with your content. Much better for the ego in the long run.

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    Watch Out For Sneaky Spammers

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